Tools for Success is a company built on professionalism, integrity, respect, brand integrity and committed to results.  Through our commitment to executive excellence we provide expertise, experience and innovation with our passion for education. 

Tools for Success partners with individuals to think out of the box with clear customer service orientation.   Tools for Success provides accountability when you are stuck, inspiration when you are lacking, connectivity when you can’t see the way, inspiration when you feel hopeless, motivation when you are not moving, honesty when there is discourse, faith if you are falling, strategies when you don’t see any direction, and always to love, professional growth, support, value, and belief in whatever excellence you desire to create.

Focused on the Art of Learning with the Tool of Teaching

The Educational System is Broken: Strategies to rebuilding hope, lives and futures!



For School Age Parents:

  • How to "survive" and THRIVE through the middle school years.
  • How do I prepare for High School?
  • What are colleges looking for?
  • A transcript is WHAT?  And, I am supposed to do WHAT with it?
  • How do I communicate effectively with my child's school?

For Women:

  • This Girl is on FIRE
  • What does your mask say about you?
  • Are you living or existing?
  • How do I "balance" my life?
  • What do you want from YOUR life?  And, how do you get it.


Academic Consulting and partnerships

Personalized Business Consulting

Personal Coaching

Business Coaching

Engaging Workshops

Parent  Workshops


  • How to live your life with a servant's heart?
  • Using your gifts?
  • How committed are you?
  • Living the life you WANT not the life you "deserve".
  • How to move from good to great.
  • It is MY life...how do I communicate that?
  • You are a gift from God.....what are you doing with that?.

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