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CATHY S. TOOLEY is the President and CEO of Tools for Success. Cathy is an Author/Consultant/ Trainer focusing on academic and professional trainings. She utilizes her strategies to learn and grow individuals, companies and schools.   Additionally, the business offers an opportunity to hire an outstanding presenter and an exciting speaker to motivate, to educate, and to inspire any audience. Cathy Tooley is a dynamic presenter, an intuitive educator, and a collaborative consultant, who knows how to deliver innovative content.  Her consultations and presentations on a variety of topics impart practical information, humor and immediate results.  Her presentations allow both individuals and companies to learn from themselves and from each other to maximize their results. 

ABOUT  Cathy S. Tooley


Tools for Success is a customer focused, results oriented company focused on transformation through education, collaboration and innovation.  We focus on the art of learning with the tool of teaching. Tools for Success is a company built on professionalism, integrity, respect, brand integrity and committed to results.  Through our commitment to executive excellence we provide expertise, experience and innovation with our passion for education. Tools for Success partners with individuals to think out of the box with clear customer service orientation.  

Tools for Success provides accountability when you are stuck, inspiration when you are lacking, connectivity when you can’t see the way, inspiration when you feel hopeless, motivation when you are not moving, honesty when there is discourse, faith if you are falling, strategies when you don’t see any direction, and always love, professional growth, support, value, and belief in whatever excellence you desire to create.

At Tools for Success we are committed to creating the world, the school, the home, the workplace where we would all want to live.  A welcoming place that you are proud to call you own and one that you know that you had a part of creating because of who you are and what you bring to this world. 

At Tools for Success we offer consulting, coaching, training and speaking.  Through discovery of what is needed and partnership to create results, Tools for Success utilizes a clear, concise, direct manner of gaining results.  Through their proven track record,  Tools for Success is a collaborative partner in creating success for its clients.