She takes a stand for others and never ever leaves anyone behind. When you have spent time with Cathy, she leaves you with this sense of wanting more. A sense of confidence, love and excitement for all of life’s offerings. She truly is an amazing gift.

Tim VanWanzeele, Principal

Cathy Tooley is the mother, friend, professional and educator that we all strive to be.  Cathy has a passion for life that impacts other’s around her.  Cathy, whether you are an educator that she works alongside of or a friend, wants what is the very best for you.  She will challenge you to think of all the possibilities you hold within yourself and how you can use those possibilities to change the world around you for the better.  Cathy’s overwhelming positive attitude, regardless of any life situation, is a testament to who she truly is as a person. 

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“Cathy is one of the most caring and passionate educators I’ve had the pleasure to work with. During these difficult times, she has not been shy about challenging leaders and asking the tough questions.”

Core Values: 









O:  317-961-1205

Paul Kaiser, Superintendent

Cathy Tooley is one of those rare individuals that comes along once in a lifetime -
A passionate knowledgeable crusader in making a difference for those she works with in her chosen profession - If anyone can lay new tracks in the world of education, Cathy can.

"In my 37 years as an educator, Cathy Tooley was one of the my compassionate and effective teachers that I have been associated with during my career"

Jen Perkins, Assistant Principal

Amber Fields, Indy Stiletto Network