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About Tools For Success

Tools for Success is a customer focused, results-oriented company focused on transformation through education, collaboration, and innovation.  We focus on the art of learning with the tool of teaching. We are a company built on professionalism, integrity, respect, brand integrity and committed to results. Through our commitment to executive excellence, we provide expertise, experience, and innovation with our passion for education.


At Tools for Success we offer consulting, coaching, training and speaking. Through the discovery of what is needed and partnership to create results, Tools for Success utilizes a clear, concise, and direct manner of gaining results.  Through our proven track record, we are a collaborative partner in creating success for our clients.


Through our experience, proven track record, and utilizing our innovative methodology, we provide optimal results.


"She takes a stand for others and never ever leaves anyone behind. When you have spent time with Cathy, she leaves you with this sense of wanting more. A sense of confidence, love and excitement for all of life’s offerings. She truly is an amazing gift."


- Amber Fields, Indy Stiletto Network


"In my 37 years as an educator, Cathy Tooley was one of the compassionate and effective teachers that I have been associated with during my career."

- Paul Kaiser, Superintendent

“Cathy Tooley has been instrumental in our school’s success. Our achievement of National Blue-Ribbon status this year is directly linked to her direction, her partnership and her collaboration with us. She is a passionate leader that moves anyone in her path from the mediocrity of where there to the greatness of where they can be.”

- Ronda Swartz

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