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Our Team

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Cathy Tooley

Cathy Tooley at her core is an educator. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Marian College (now University), her Master’s degree from Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis and her Principal Licensure Program from Indiana University.   


Cathy began her educational journey by teaching high school Spanish. Cathy has, in her thirty years in education, experience from the perspective of the teacher’s desk to the perspective of the principal’s chair.  She is proud of all of the many “hats” she has worn throughout her career in education.  She has served as representative for the local and state teacher’s union and been an active leader in many building level initiatives.  


Cathy has been married to her best friend, Chuck, for thirty five years. She is the proud mother of three successful and loving children, Chelsea, Joshua and Jacob and mother-in-law to their amazing spouses, Bryce, Ashley and Kelly.  Additionally, she is the ever so proud grandmother of one granddaughter and another one on the way in the summer.


Dr. Marilyn Sudsberry

Dr. Marilyn Sudsberry was the Director of the Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals (EPPSP) at Butler University (2008-2014). In that position she led the revamping of the curriculum to be results-focused, data-driven, and to align with Indiana Standards as well as National Standards for principal leadership.  She also created the first travel abroad experience for EPPSP students to study educational systems in Finland and Sweden. Dr. Sudsberry has served as an education consultant since 2005 working with urban, rural, and suburban schools. This work focuses on enhancing school improvement through curriculum alignment, attention to instructional practices, assessment, data analysis, effective leadership, and a healthy school culture. Dr. Sudsberry has served as an elementary school principal, being named IASP District #5 Principal of the Year in 2002.

Dr. Sudsberry's educational background includes a BS in education (Evangel University), MS in education (Butler University), administrative licensure (Butler University, EPPSP), and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership (Indiana State University). She is a popular conference presenter and published author including works for educators, parents, and various professional initiatives and leadership workshops. Dr. Sudsberry co-authored Loving Parents: Raising Hurting Children (2014) with her husband, Rick. Together they have two adult sons and five grandchildren. 


Marty Moore

Marty Moore has served in district leadership positions to design, align, deliver, and train educational supports for teacher and building leaders (Associate Superintendent, Springfield Public Schools, MO 2012-2019, and Executive Development of Leadership Academy, Iredell-Statesville Schools, NC 2008-2012). 


Her commitment to continuous improvement, equity, and data-driven decision-making contributed to her success as an educational consultant (2001-2008), where she also served as a member of the materials design team. She considers herself a teacher first and is proud of her 21 years of successful classroom teaching and mentoring.


Mrs. Moore received her BS in Education from Baylor University and her MS in Education from Indiana Wesleyan. She currently lives in Franklin, Indiana with her husband, Garry. Together they have 2 daughters and six grandchildren.


Stephanie McGaha

Stephanie McGaha is an educator who has experience at both the classroom level as well as administration. Stephanie has a passion for learning that drives her goal of becoming a better educator and sharing this passion with others.  Her experience at all levels of education keeps her connected to the current issues and practices which will enhance her ability to appeal to all educators and administrators alike.  Stephanie has strong leadership skills and has experience in coaching students and staff toward continuous improvement. 


Stephanie received her Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University I Elementary Education, her Master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan in Curriculum Development and completed her Principal Licensure Program from Indiana Wesleyan.


Dr. Jill Jay

Dr. Jill Jay served as the Director of Butler University’s Ed Leadership program, EPPSP (Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals) from 2014 to 2019.  While at Butler, she also helped facilitate EPIC, a leadership professional development program for superintendents.  Dr. Jay led study-abroad trips to Finland, Sweden, England, and Scotland, examining effective instructional practices as well as social-emotional learning.  She has also served as an independent consultant for education with a focus on data analysis and curriculum alignment, and with businesses with a focus on effective leadership practices. In 2013, she was named the recipient of the College Mentor for Kids Inspire Award for Education for the state of Indiana.


Dr. Jay’s educational experience includes teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent.  Dr. Jay’s educational background includes BA from Purdue University, MA in Education from Ball State University, MS in Education Administration from Butler University, and Ph.D. in Education Leadership from Indiana State University.


Dr. Jay and her husband Gregg have three daughters and are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren.


Jesse Purvis

Jesse Purvis is an educator that believes teachers can leverage all kids to meet their aspirations if they combine a data-rich classroom with appropriate rigor and content. Jesse spent 10 years in the classroom both as a middle school language arts, secondary English teacher, and in administration. While in the classroom, he focused on curriculum mapping, aligning content and rigor to ACT/SAT benchmarks, and updating the content with a multicultural focus. He received his Bachelor of Arts at Wabash College, and his Masters of Education in building level administration at Marion University. 


Jesse lives on the eastside of Indianapolis. His wife works as a director of special education within a charter school network. They have a toddler and are foster parents. They love being active in the community, supporting local businesses, and growing their family. 


Garry Lee Moore

Garry Moore has 37 years of experience in education, serving 21 years as a Middle and High School Principal.  Cornerstones of his practice included:  Data-driven instruction driven by Professional Learning Communities and a supporting intervention system to close persistent gaps and challenge high-ability learners. Additionally, he worked to create a system of distributive leadership to ensure long-term success.


Mr. Moore's educational experience includes a BA from Hanover College, MA in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University, and a MS in Administration from Ball State University.  He currently lives in Franklin, Indiana, with his wife, Marty. Together they have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

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Janet Andriole

Janet Andriole is a longtime educator with experience in public and private schools across many grades and in several roles. She believes the best path to forming and preparing students is through dedicated and capable educators.

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