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Cathy Tooley is a dynamic presenter who inspires and educates

The difference between a good event and a great event is often in the speaker. Cathy is a dynamic, energetic, and passionate speaker who can take your event to the next level.

Cathy speaks on a wide variety of topics including:

Topics for Women

Topics for Faith

Topics for Educators

Topics for School-Age Parents

And many, many more!

Speaking Topics

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  • Five Steps to Building Success

  • Growth is optional, choose wisely

  • Politeness is the poison of collaboration


  • This Girl is on FIRE

  • What does your mask say about you?

  • What do you want from YOUR life? And, how do you get it?


  • Celebrating the Gift YOU are

  • Servant Leadership

  • You are a gift from God.....what are you doing with that?


"Cathy Tooley is the mother, friend, professional and educator that we all strive to be. Cathy has a passion for life that impacts others around her. Whether you are an educator that she works alongside or a friend, she wants the very best for you. She will challenge you to think of all the possibilities you hold within yourself and how you can use those possibilities to change the world around you for the better. Cathy’s overwhelming positive attitude, regardless of any life situation, is a testament to who she truly is as a person."


Jennifer Perkins, Assistant Principal

“Cathy Tooley is one of those rare individuals that comes along once in a lifetime. She is a passionate knowledgeable crusader in making a difference for those she works within her chosen profession

If anyone can lay new tracks in the world of education, Cathy can.”


Ron Sukenick, Relationship Strategist & Author

“Cathy Tooley point blank is a powerhouse! Her authenticity, passion, and insight as a presenter is magnetic. She galvanizes leaders into direct urgent action. Cathy is an interrupter of mediocrity and a champion of living an abundant life, of your own design.”


Terry Dove-Pittman, The Gideon Group

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